Mapping the present and vector based measures

I'm spending the Easter weekend in Berlin but in order to get here I had to go on a journey first. This Involved both trains and planes with various checkpoints in between. There was always a destination in my mind and there was an element of planning required to work out how to get here. … Continue reading Mapping the present and vector based measures

Attractors in the dating industry

We could approach dating as the problem of whittling down seven billion people to one we want to partner with. The rise of technology has produced new ways of finding this person - from swiping and 'liking' to artificial intelligence algorithms capable of matching based on similarities. In this series of posts I'm going to … Continue reading Attractors in the dating industry

Stop trying to solve hard problems!

Earlier this week I had a discussion about the running time of an algorithm used to test a method. This got me thinking about one of my favourite areas of computer science - computational┬ácomplexity. We can use complexity theory to split problems into classes. Understanding some of these classes can help us to recognise when … Continue reading Stop trying to solve hard problems!