Four reasons why your process introduction may have failed

You've come up with the perfect process, written a summary document which explains what people must do at each stage and got the go-ahead from your boss! Fast forward to three months later and your colleagues haven't read your document, some are still working through back doors to get things done and an annoying few are ignoring the new process completely.  Here are four reasons why it might not have gone to plan...

Velocity 2015, 2: System Design = Organisation Design

This is the second of a series of posts covering what I learnt at Velocity Amsterdam 2015. During the second day, Mike Amundsen of CA Technologies shared his insights into the works of Melvin Conway. While Conway's Law may be well known, it is only stated as the thesis of his article "How do committees invent?". Mike showed that … Continue reading Velocity 2015, 2: System Design = Organisation Design