Attractors in the dating industry

We could approach dating as the problem of whittling down seven billion people to one we want to partner with. The rise of technology has produced new ways of finding this person - from swiping and 'liking' to artificial intelligence algorithms capable of matching based on similarities. In this series of posts I'm going to … Continue reading Attractors in the dating industry

Mapping Culture with Archetypes

I feel as though culture is seen as the holy grail for creating a successful agile environment and I agree that having a vision of where you want your company's culture to be is important. However, setting off in a direction without understanding where you are in the first place could end up being more … Continue reading Mapping Culture with Archetypes

Systems Thinking, Complexity Thinking and Anthro-Complexity

I had another trip to Amsterdam this month to attend Dave Snowden's course: Cynefin and Sense-Making. I'll be making a series of posts about what I learnt. I'll start by comparing┬ásystems thinking and complexity thinking and by giving an introduction to the field of study that Dave is calling Anthro-Complexity. In systems thinking, analysis of … Continue reading Systems Thinking, Complexity Thinking and Anthro-Complexity