An electric idea

This is a short post about an observation I made last night when changing out the faceplates of a few sockets in the room we’re decorating.

The problem

Different faceplates can put different wire entry points in different positions – they also have different depths and so it’s possible the metal box in the wall is too small for your new faceplate once the wires are attached. If the wires coming out of the wall aren’t very long then it can be tricky to manoeuvre them into the right positions. Essentially, the problem is that once you’ve fitted the first faceplate, there’s no guarantee it can be swapped out for a new faceplate with ease.

The idea

Screw on clips for wires that have extendible connectors to faceplates. You wire the wires into the wall, when it gets to the metal box, add a clip – it doesn’t need to have lots of wire inside, just enough room for the clip that can then extend to the position you need it. You don’t need to faff around with screwdrivers in awkward positions and pull at wires to check they’re ‘in’. There’s a safety element here too – if each clip is a slightly different shape, you can make it impossible to wire it wrongly into the socket. Colouring them the same colour as the wire would make it difficult to get them wrong too!

The next million dollar idea? Possible not. The current standard of faceplates is frustrating enough to consider it though!

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