Keeping cool in a heatwave

It feels like we got our first proper taste of the impacts of global warming in the UK this week with the new highs of 40+ degrees. I’m fortunate enough to be able to work remotely so I avoided travelling in the hot weather but still had to tackle the heat at home. This post is about my more successful attempts to keep cool in this challenging weather!

Closing windows and blinds helped

I was surprised to read that it can be beneficial to close windows and blinds on the side of the house which faces the sun – I had assumed any open windows would be a plus. Turns out this advice really helped. The amount of heat coming in from direct sunlight was reduced and when paired with opening windows on the shaded side of the house it created a slight draft.

Fans are definitely worth the investment

My partner pushed for us to buy a fan which I was initially against as the idea stirred memories of warm air being pushed around muggy office spaces. I was wrong! Placing the fan by the open windows on the shaded side of the house amplified the movement of the cooler air, giving us a respite against the warmth and humidity when the sun was highest.

Ice lollies were bliss when it was hottest

Fortunately I happened to buy a pack of 40 ice lollies a couple of weeks ago and still had some left over. When the temperatures got too high to maintain focus for long they helped to bring my body temperature back down to a level where I could continue working. I’ll be making sure there’s an emergency stock in the freezer going forwards!

Despite even climate scientists being surprised at the events of the last few days, it seems inevitable that we’ll start to see this type of weather again in the near future.

Until then … how did you cope with the weather? Did you pick up any good tips to share in time for our next heatwave?

Image by Ryan Morris, sourced from

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